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March 23

posted by Jake

Modern Sitemap and Footer

Now, a lot of modern websites have dropped the sitemap page, instead they place the sitemap in the footer area.

This is a nice overview of the technique.

February 06

posted by Nick

Working Spaces

I have a fascination with the work spaces of we “creative folks”. Of course, there’s a web site about it.

February 04

posted by Jake

Creating a Robust Config.php File

I’m becoming more and more interested in having a staging server for ExpressionEngine. Articles like this are getting me much closer to developing a system.

February 03

posted by Nick

Horizontal Flow

Site about horizontal flow and the grid. Love the Genesis 1-esque opening.

January 29

posted by Nick

Road Signs Warn of Zombies

KXAN Austin News cameras caught many drivers slowing down to read the signs as they approached. Some read, “Zombies ahead! Run for your lives!”

January 28

posted by Nick

Great Use of Illustration

I quite like the prominent use of illustration on the new site for OpenSRS. Said illustrations are by John Martz of Drawn! fame.

January 27

posted by Jake

Put Your Lights On

I just discovered Put Your Lights On. There are some great ExpressionEngine modules, plugins, and add-ons here. Most of them require payment, but from what I’ve seen so far, they all look worth the price. Of particular interest to me is the Sitemap Module.

(via EE Insider)

January 25

posted by Jake

Beautiful Accidents

It’s been happening throughout history, of course. Beautiful accidents. Unintentional intentions. We can’t plan these mistakes, but wish we could. What seems like disaster, turns into the spark that ignites what we perceive later as “rightly so”.

January 23

posted by Jake

Exactly How to Create a Custom jQuery Accordion

If you are still learning jQuery, here is a nice, detailed tutorial that will teach you a lot.

January 23

posted by Jake


Layers is a neat new screen capturing program for the Mac that creates a psd file with all your windown, icons, dock, menu, and desktop saved as different layers. I’m not sure what I need to use this for, yet, but I want it.